This webinar considers the importance of social work with older people, why this area of work needs particular expertise, and current developments in adult social care that impact on social work with older people.

The aim of this webinar is to enable social workers to reflect on their role in supporting older people in a changing context and looks at:

  • An overview of the importance of social work with older people; Evidence of the impact of social work with older people; The Capabilities Statement for social work with older people in England.
  • Current challenges facing social workers with a focus on unmet need and undermet need; Ethics and principles, including independent living; The Green Paper and its impact.

We encourage downloading the accompanying resources and materials to compliment the learning within this webinar.

Biography of speakers

Gerry Nosowska

I am the founder and Director of Effective Practice, which supports organisations to improve social care. I work with leaders, managers and practitioners to implement best practice in their organisation so that they can serve adults, families and children better. Recent projects that I have led or been involved in include: a social care management programme; web resources to support social work practice with adults; reflective supervision and leadership training; and development of capabilities for social work with older people.

I am a registered social worker and chair of the British Association of Social Workers, the professional association for social work and social workers in the UK. I work closely with the members, wider social work and the sector to ensure that social work has a clear voice, to support social workers and to enable good social work.

Before working in practice improvement, I was a service manager in a large local authority, a team manager, and a social worker in community and integrated teams.

Peter Feldon

Pete is a freelance consultant and trainer specialising in the Care Act. He has a background of working in social care as a social worker, trainer, manager and policy developer. His particular interests are people’s experience of accessing the care and support system, and also the role that social workers play in connecting legal rules with professional priorities and objectives of ethical practice. His book 'The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014' was published by Critical Publishing in May 2017 and a revised edition will be published in Autumn 2020. He provides training based upon his book and analysis of judicial reviews and Ombudsman findings of maladministration. He regularly writes articles on the Care Act for Professional Social Work (PSW) and Community Care. He is the chair of the BASW England Adults Policy Practice and Education Group and a member of the PSW Board.