Continuous Professional Development

Save time - it's easy and quick to record your CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD), including Post Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) is the process by which professionals maintain and develop their knowledge and skills throughout their career. It is mandatory for social work professionals within the UK to evidence further learning when renewing their registration with their respective regulatory body. Members can access the BASW CPD Policy and the BASW/IFSW Policy on Effective and Ethical Working Environments for Social Work: The responsibilities of employers of social workers by visiting our policy page.

By choosing to use and incorporating BASW’s CPD Tool as part of your continuous professional development, you will find it much easier to maintain your record between registration dates. It can help you to review your CPD regularly to identify gaps in your development. Whilst it’s your responsibility to keep your skills and knowledge up to date BASW has created the CPD tool to help turn that accountability into an opportunity to achieve your development goals. It will also add any resources you have accessed using Social Work Knowledge.

Records maintained through the BASW CPD tool may be downloaded and used to evidence your learning for all UK regulatory bodies.

In England it can be incorporated within one’s profile for submission to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) should you be randomly selected for audit. BASW has contributed to developing example profiles for the HCPC website. These will be developed over time but some examples are: Experienced forensic social worker, Senior practitioner disability services and Social work practitioner - youth justice. For more information on how to renew your registration see this guide provided by the HCPC.

Members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales may submit their downloaded content directly to their respective regulatory body when renewing their registration.

The regulatory bodies for these countries are:

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Why use the CPD tool?

We recommend you review your learning activities every 12 months before setting objectives for the coming year. Reflecting on the past and planning for the future in this way makes your development more methodical and easier to measure.

Keeping a CPD record allows you to plan and meet your professional development objectives. It helps you to review your learning between each re-registration date. Keeping your CPD record up to date here will help to provide evidence of your learning for all UK regulatory bodies. It will also contribute to providing a CPD profile, if you are randomly selected for audit by the HCPC in England. You can add your training activities as you go along and review your progress whenever you want. No need to worry about losing a document or spending time figuring out how to format it – the CPD tool available to members makes it easy for you to capture your learning and produce a report which can be printed for your submission.