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Part of BASW's Taught Skills Development Programme for NQSWs

***Session for students & NQSWs only***

Course Outline:

This one-day session, is designed to support Newly Qualified Social Workers to effectively incorporate meaningful analysis into all levels of assessment and review processes to ensure they are able to articulate clear evidence- based recommendations for the child / family, individual and/or carer. The course will provide participants with practical tips for ensuring assessments are concise and easy to follow whilst still containing the necessary depth for complex decision making and support planning within the social care legislative and policy frameworks.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will provide participants with the following learning outcomes:

  • A clear understanding and ability to articulate the needs of an individual, free from jargon and with a clear analysis regarding the implications of leaving needs unmet, the options for responding and how successful outcomes can be measured.
  • The ability to effectively analyse information gathered during the assessment or review process to make appropriate decisions and inform both case management and support planning.
  • A transferable approach that can be used for a range of settings.
  • The ability to articulate clearly, concisely and appropriately record information, understanding the difference between fact, professional opinion and being aware of bias.
  • The ability to articulate the reasoning for decision-making and recommendations, including considering legal responsibilities to children and vulnerable adults, assessment of risk, issues of capacity, consent, wishes & feelings, available options and how to explain clearly professional rationale and own professional judgement.

Learning Methods:

A combination of learning methods will be used throughout the day, including lecture, workshop and group work. Interactive and experiential methods, group and pair work, and interactive activities in the form of quizzes, polls, case studies, and reflection dilemmas will be used, to inform participant learning and support application to practice.

Resources Required: This course will be delivered by MS Teams, please ensure your IT equipment is updated and is running audio/visual and the latest version of Teams – please use the joining instructions provided.

Programme Outline:

9.15 Log on and check the tech is working

9.30 Introductions to the content, tech and session

9.45 Legislative and Policy Framework

  • How does law and policy guide our practice

10.15 Understanding and explaining ‘Needs’

  • Being outcome-focused and strengths-based
  • Identifying, assessing, and articulating options

11:10 -  Coffee Break and Screen Break

11.30 - Understanding facts, opinions, and professional judgement

  • Becoming aware of unconscious bias
  • Capturing the views of service users, family, and professionals
  • Reflection on practice.

 12.30 - Lunch and Screen Break

 13.15 - Analysing Information

  • Considering capacity, consent and choice, incl: unwise decisions
  • Considering Risks, Strengths and Protective Factors

2.40 Coffee and Screen Break

​​​​​​​3:00   Articulating your analysis in assessment reports

  • Considering purpose and audience
  • Recording reflections, hypothesis, and decisions
  • Being concise, clear, and accessible.

4.00 Reflection and Evaluation

4.30 CLOSE

10th February 2022 9:15 AM through  4:30 PM
Event Fee(s)
BASW member student / NQSW £ 58.80 (includes VAT of £ 9.80)
Non member student / NQSW £ 118.80 (includes VAT of £ 19.80)