The organisational self-assessment tool has been developed so that organisations can set a benchmark of where they are in relation to the use of the Capabilities Statements and supporting resources in relation to social work with autistic adults, and adults with learning disability.

Organisations can use the tool to identify improvements to service delivery and workforce learning and development. The self-assessment could also be used to provide assurances to partnership boards and elected members, and to enable further challenge to identify areas for improvement.

The self-assessment tool sits alongside the:

  • practice toolkit for social workers on work with autistic adults
  • practice toolkit for social workers on work with adults with learning disability
  • the HAIR tool for critical-friend input for people with learning disabilities

It enables feedback from the HAIR tool and practice toolkit to be incorporated into organisational learning.

The self-assessment tool is an excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs, including an instructions tab to guide you through completing the self-assessment.