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The British Journal of Social Work (BJSW) is the leading academic social work journal in the UK. The journal publishes authoritative social work scholarship both nationally and internationally with over 500,000 articles downloaded annually world-wide. Sample front cover

Published eight times a year, BJSW offers critical commentary on social work practice, research, and theory, as well as book reviews, and a unique range of perspectives, including a host of international contributions.

BJSW serves social work educators, researchers, practitioners, and managers wanting to keep up to date with theoretical and empirical developments in the field.

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The British Journal of Social Work is one of two authoritative journals published by BASW aimed at keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the social work profession throughout the UK and around the world. By subscribing – at a specially reduced rate for BASW members – to the British Journal of Social Work or Practice: Social Work in Action, you can ensure you stay at the forefront of practice developments and research.