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Supporting social workers in Iceland

I attended the 2nd Joint Nordic Social Work Conference in Helsinki last week, its theme being ‘Courage in Social Work’. It was an excellent conference, though it was depressing to hear about the challenges to the Nordic model of welfare, with cuts on the way in Finland following their recent election - and I have woken up this morning to hear about the Danish election results and the prospect of similar moves there.

Social workers in northern Europe are fighting back, however. Two Icelandic social workers who are currently on strike, as part of a fight for better working conditions and just pay, spoke to the conference.

Those of us present agreed to show our support, resulting in this letter to Maria Rúnarsdóttir, Chairman of the Association for Social Workers in Iceland and Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, Prime Minister, Government of Iceland.

Meanwhile, in the UK, tomorrow we march!


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