Dr. Angie Bartoli

Principal Lecturer in Social Work

I am a qualified and registered social work academic with in-depth, demonstrable and successful practice, academic, leadership and management experience. I am currently a Principal Lecturer at NTU where I am responsible for overseeing the curriculum development and student experience of post qualifying social work education and the development of the new Degree Social Work Apprenticeship. I also manage a team of academic staff. Until recently (January 2019) I was the book editor for the British Journal of Social Work and remain on the editorial board. I also sit on the safeguarding board for the Football Association. 

For the past two years, it has been my privilege to be the Vice Chair for BASW England. During this time I have been actively involved in the England Committees work and in particular with the two main campaigns including 80/20 and Social Workers Working in Disasters. Within this role I have been involved in national events as such conferences and represented BASW in meetings with significant stakeholders, for example Social Work England and the Chief Social Worker.

I have a strong commitment to social justice and this is evident in the work that I have undertaken with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students which has included the involvement in national projects with the Higher Education Academy, Equality Challenge Unit, peer reviewed publications, conference papers and the publication of a book Anti-Racist Social Work Practice which I edited in 2012. I have been instrumental in setting up a BME student support group and received a fellowship in recognition for this work.  I have been invited to speak about this work in a number conferences both nationally and internationally.

I have a keen interest in social work management, supervision and leadership. The focus of my Doctoral research study was the transition from social work practitioner to social work manager. Part of this research has formed a learning tool in the Practice Supervisor Development Programme (PSDP). The PSDP (funded by the DfE) is a collaboration between Research in Practice (RiP) and a group of partners to develop and deliver a national programme. I am also involved in the facilitation of this programme in the East Midlands and part of the national Community of Practice associated with PSDP.

I am committed, hardworking and I would like to continue to serve as the Vice Chair for BASW England, to see through some of the initiatives that I have been part of in terms of relationship-based social work. The profession is at a significant juncture, at a politically challenging time and I would be honoured to be part of BASW as Vice Chair to ensure that social workers have a strong influencing voice. 

Areas of practice/interest:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Social Work supervision
  • Relationship-based social work
  • Social Work research (visual methods)
  • Emotional resilience
  • Safeguarding vulnerable people (adults and children)
  • Anti-racist social work practice
  • Anti-discriminatory practice

Skerntian Keri

Social Worker Student

I am currently a student at University of Wolverhampton, taking a MA Social Work Degree.  At the same university I have completed my undergraduate studies in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Sociology.  Previous to this, I have studied Law at University of Bologna, Italy.

I discovered the importance of Social Work during my time as interpreter in London and West Midlands, working in different settings that gave me a real insight of the impact social workers could have on people’s lives.  I believe social work is a main pillar in today’s functioning of the society due to its role to promote social change, social cohesion and empowerment of the people.

I believe in representation and institutional engagement, and I would to be elected in this committee, in order to have my input by being an effective voice for students, which have decided to dedicate their careers to such noble profession.  I would focus on actively supporting students to draw the best experience from their courses, promote a more closer relationship between BASW and students and actively promoting this profession that is often underestimated but it brings real change to people’s lives.

During my academic studies, I have always engaged with student voice, and I have been and currently am student course representative.  Further to this, I am currently the chairman of a local association.  Coming from a law background, I have used my legal knowledge to help online with advice on welfare, schooling, housing and access to health services.  As an interpreter in Lye, Stourbridge, I had a significant impact in promoting the rights of Roma community and building their trust with the health and early help services.

I am already involved with BASW as member of the PPE group for Students and Newly Qualified Social Workers, and I am ready to commit to this position because I believe much more could be done to enhance social work education, in order to prepare and equip the future social workers with the necessary set of skills and knowledge before registering as qualified social workers.

I would champion with BASW the following issues: advocate for the creation of a universal fair and meritocratic system of bursary allocation to students, students mental health, placement experience, support from universities to mature students, bring students closer to BASW, student self-care and resilience, and promote gender diversity in social work.

If elected, I am committed to try to transform BASW image in the eyes of the students not just as an association, but also as a home, an accessible home where they could feel free to come, engage and seek for advice without the slightest hesitation or fear of not being heard.

Areas of interest/Practice:

Child Protection, Family Law, Autism, Mental Health, Equality of Opportunities, Educational Attainment, Politics, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Class Structure, Immigration, Asylum Seekers/Refugees.