This webinar will include information and resources for individuals, families and social workers about the rights of autistic young people and adults, showing where things can go wrong and what action can be taken to prevent people reaching a crisis point.

Too many people with autism and learning disabilities are detained in hospital Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) or restrictive care arrangements and seclusion units. There is an over-reliance on in-patient care and people can spend too long in hospital before appropriate support is available for them to be discharged causing distress to the individual and to their families.  People should only admitted to hospital when absolutely necessary for assessment and or treatment. When they are admitted they need to be enabled to leave as soon as their treatment has finished.

There will be a focus on the law that applies when working with children, young people and adults, views from people with lived experience and an introduction to resources developed by BASW and SCIE to support social workers to develop positive working relationships with autistic people and families.

This webinar will:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the law and how it applies and can be used by autistic people and families
  • Explore the barriers and challenges to rights being recognised and upheld
  • Show how the capabilities statement and practitioner toolkit can be used to support relationship based, and person-centred practice