This webinar explores the importance and value of working in partnership with people and families to enable young people and adults to be discharged from Assessment and Treatment Units as quickly as possible with the right accommodation and support in place.

This webinar will feature:

  • lived experience and follow the journey of one young person through the system, focussing on the approach taken, barriers and challenges, problem solving and the strengths that working in partnership brought to the situation.
  • Information about the law, policy and tools to support best practice in building trusting relationships will be shared.
  • A person, family, and social work practitioner focus.

Download the useful resources and accompanying documents for the BASW & Autism Alliance: Working in Partnership with People and Families webinar


  • Phil Wills - Parent/Advocate  

    Dad of Josh, Elliott and Marnie. Phil lives in Cornwall.  He tries to spread positivity amongst others in the world of Autism and is a member of several groups and organisations trying to help advise families.  He is an ambassador for a London based autism charity where they have talent shows for Children and autistic adults.

  • Robin Gunson - Head of Developments, Spectrum
    Robin has worked for Spectrum for over 30 years and has considerable knowledge of the management of challenging behaviours. Robin is based at Underground House alongside the Behavioural Team. He co-hosts the open sessions for individuals and families affected by autism. Robin also works with the training department delivering much of our positive behavioural support courses.

  • Catherine Wordsworth - Family Involvement Officer, Centre 404/Learn with Us Project
    Catherine is the Family Involvement Officer for Centre 404, a North London based learning disabilities charity. She has been involved in the Learn With Us project since 2015, when she came on board as part of the team designing the training resource pack. She believes strongly that understanding the triangle of relationships is key to working in true partnership with families. Delivering the training with its inspiring group of co-trainers, comprising family carers and professionals, is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

  • Mark Austin - Learn with Us Project
    Mark is a family carer of a young man with a learning disability, who lives in supported accommodation in Islington, supported by Centre 404. He organises  the family carer group of Islington Learning Disability Partnership in conjunction with Centre 404. Before he retired he spent much of his working life as a psychologist in several London boroughs, and used to run groups for concerned parents.

  • Mary Simpson - Chair of the Autism Alliance
    The Autism Alliance is a network of 17 autism charities who support thousands of adults and children and their families affected by autism across the UK. The Alliance raises awareness and provides information for autism friendly communities. We work collaboratively with autistic people and their families to ensure their rights are observed under the law. 

    Marys is also the Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum, an autism Charity based in Cornwall and has also volunteered as a counsellor for people in crisis.  Mary is a passionate campaigner for the rights of autistic people, and I was delighted to be part of the Autism Alliance Know your Rights campaign and the work involved in a checklist for social workers carrying out care needs assessments.

  • Liz Howard - Professional Officer, BASW England
    Liz has worked on the development of resources for the capabilities statements for social workers working with autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities, and is the the lead for BASW England's Homes not Hospitals campaign