Past forward: Building on social work’s foundations


Old Wisdom


The old is out of date, worn and weary,

The old is cumbersome, clunky and threadbare,

We need the new! in with the new!

Bright, shiny and beckoning.


Old wisdom is lost, frowned upon it stumbles.

New knowledge stands rigid and sure footed.

The messy muddle of relationships, ironed smooth by the

directives and confines of modern outlook.


Systems fit-for-purpose gleam enticingly from the future

and seduce with promises.

Yet stubbornly old wisdom lingers

behind the barricades of laptops and paperless desks.


Old wisdom has witnessed so many changes, its patience prevails.

Increasingly its warm, familiar truths are needed to lube the hard glare of technology.

The modern vestments of progress prove lacking when not hung on human hearts. 

Old wisdom is re-invented and re-stitched back into the fabric of the system.


Let our hearts lead us forward, softly, reverently into this sharp-angled, uncertain future. 


Poem by Lindy Wootton

Early Permanence Lead and Sharing Stories Manager


BASW member

From CCS Adoption