Welcome to the first BASW @50 Heritage newsletter of 2020. We are currently hard at work developing opportunities for members and others to celebrate and explore 50 years of BASW through our Heritage project 2020. This will tell the story of 50 years of BASW as a professional association, 100 years of Social Work – and look forward to the next 50 years.

We will continue to provide a monthly update throughout this year and this will go out wider to all members and others as the project grows.

Call Out for member essays, poetry and artwork

We need you! Get involved with the BASW Future of Social Work e-book project.

This project will gather diverse voices focused on where social work has come from, where it is going and where it needs to go. We are calling out for submissions to engage and impact on possibilities for the future.

Interested? Full information about how to apply, eligibility criteria, terms & conditions and deadlines for submission can be found here.

All entries should be submitted to heritage2020@basw.co.uk.

World Social Work Day Event - 17th March 2020


1st October 2020 - International Day of the Older Persons

This year for the international day of the older persons we are celebrating the BASW heritage project with the showing of a diverse range of recordings and video’s from BASW members speaking about their experiences in Social Work past and present. This will be a wonderful opportunity to find out about different social work journeys UK and worldwide.

The event link for the video sessions will be available from the BASW website soon. Please contact Gaby Zavoli heritage2020@basw.co.uk for more information or to get involved.

Partnership organisations

Some of the exciting community engagement links and partnership legacy organisations we have already started working with include:

The BASW 50th Anniversary Virtual Festival  June 22nd and 23rd 2020

A big thank you to everyone that Joined us on June 22nd and 23rd for the BASW 50th Anniversary virtual festival.

This included hosting from former UK poet laureate Katrice Horsley, a special guest performance from Lemn Sissay Poet, author, performer and a session chaired by David Brindle from the Guardian newspaper. The event concluded with a music playlist specially curated for BASW by national radio DJ Mary Anne Hobbs.

You can now also rewatch the BASW Birthday video clips.

Virtual Heritage Trail

This is a UK wide interactive initiative for all BASW members and the opportunity to produce a virtual heritage trail. This will involve researching your chosen topic and presenting this with photographs, visual representations, text, or video. The trail can be tangible and include a town or city however this can also be a person or archive or include a culture or community.

You might want to draw upon a family tree approach to reflect the social workers you know past and present or allow members the ability to journey through the social work history of your town. The possibilities are endless, and we want to hear from you. If you would like to be involved please contact heritage2020@basw.co.uk

Birmingham University, part of the BASW heritage partnership

Heritage trails

Heritage trails for Birmingham, Liverpool, Lincoln, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, London have been suggested. If you would like to produce a trail, coproduce a trail or just get involved get in touch heritage2020@basw.co.uk

We will be providing guidance and advice on how to run a heritage trail. Watch this space for webinar and workshop coming soon.

Art and exhibition plans

We are speaking to a number of artists regarding installation for the BASW offices in Birmingham. This will be a multi-sensory and experiential piece of art to be produced with the help of members for exhibition later in the year. Further information will be available on the website soon.

If you want to get involved please email: heritage2020@basw.co.uk

BASW Policy Timeline

Work is currently underway on the BASW history policy timeline. A group of BASW members have been working on a timeline of key policy and legislation that BASW have been influential in from 1970 to the present day. The group working on this include: Richard Servian, Terry Bamford, David N Jones, Keith Bilton, June Thoburn, Joan Baraclough, Chris Andrews, John Cypher and Serge Paul.  

BASW & History of social work timeline

Each nation (BASW Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are putting together their own timeline of key historic events in BASW & social work history from 1970 to the present day and looking beyond to the future.

Get in touch with your country team to find out more!


For general enquiries contact Gaby at heritage2020@BASW.co.uk