Your voice is important

We strongly believe in the importance of hearing the voices of people who use services: you are, after all, ultimately what social work is about and who it’s for.

As such, we encourage and welcome articles written by service users that are relevant to social work. You are the experts of your life and there is much to learn from your lived experience.

At the same time, we recognise it can be daunting writing – or being interviewed – for a magazine and you may not always feel confident to do so.

We seek to break down such barriers and inhibitions, by working with you. Everyone has something to say - and we can help you say it.

You may have an experience about your life you want to tell or share. It might be a good experience of social work to be celebrated – something not heard enough! Or it might be a not so good experience to learn from - telling these is crucial to raising awareness and improving practice and services.

It could be an insight into the struggles and challenges you face due to the particular circumstances of your life.

How we can help

We can provide a platform for you to be heard. If you want to write an article, we will help you write it. We will work with you on structure, content and grammar through an editing process.

The first step is to get in touch and tell us your idea using the contact information below. If you know you want to write something but are not entirely sure what, that’s fine too, we can discuss ideas.

Don’t worry if your first draft isn’t perfect. If we decide to go ahead, we will work with you until everyone is happy with the finished result. We will never publish anything without your consent.

 If you would rather tell your account verbally we can arrange to interview you over the phone or by video chat.

We can’t promise we will publish everything but we will consider anything.

So please get in touch with any ideas you have, we really want to hear from you. Just drop an email to or phone shahid Naqvi on 07747 845098 to discuss.