Tammy Drinkwater

Tammy is a Operational Manager First Contact Team, Staffordshire County Council and was nominated by Nick Bowyer.

Tammy Drinkwater
Tammy Drinkwater, Operational Manager First Contact Team

Because Tammy has been a key person in enabling Staffordshire's health & care system to respond to the pressures that the Covid pandemic has bought in a dynamic and pragmatic way. Tammy is the manager of our First Contact Team, supporting a team of practitioners who engage people in Care Act assessments via telephone or video enabled apps.

When the first lockdown was implemented and the requirement to ensure acute hospital resources were available to people who needed them was realised, Tammy had to coordinate and implement a revised service model that moved the First Contact Team from a team that engaged with people and supported them to access their own strengths and community resources to a team that did that and then more.

Tammy has shown tenacity, resolve, commitment and flexibility in her role. she supported her team through their role change, responded constructively to criticisms, and built relationships across the system to ensure that people received the support they required how and when they needed it. She is an influencer, an inspirer and an exemplar of good practice in Adult Social Care.