Shanade St. John

Shanade is a Social Worker, London Borough of Bromley and was nominated by Charmaine Malcolm.

Shanade St. John
Shanade St. John, Social Worker

Shanade is a Social Worker recently qualifying and has already begun making a consistent difference to the lives of those she works with. Shanade has strong values, principles and is committed to maintaining the integrity of the profession. Shanade identifies the needs of those she is working with, by inviting them to work alongside her, including them in assessments, decision making and subsequently developing meaningful plans. Shanade ensures her communication is respectful and compassionate, her aim is to provide high support and high challenge, always striving to improve the wellbeing of those she is working with.

Shanade regularly receives feedback, which tells us that she is kind, thoughtful and empathetic. Families tell us Shanade makes them feel comfortable and that she can put their mind at ease. Even during difficult conversations Shanade can work with families to achieve a shared understanding of any worries, encouraging reflection and linking worries back to the impact on children.

Shanade makes families feel ‘at ease’, readily available to answer questions, provide guidance, offer support, and empower them to consider alternative options. Shanade works to a high standard, pro-active in seeking new learning opportunities to develop her practice and is committed to supporting the learning of colleagues within the organisation. Shanade is an asset to social work and an asset to Bromley, I am proud to work alongside Shanade and look forward to her career progressing.