Gerald Mvundura

Gerald is a Senior Social Worker, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and was nominated by ELoretta Reehill, Nikki Toomey, Titilayo Idowu, Judian Chungong and Faye Freeman.

Gerald Mvundura
Gerald Mvundura, Senior Social Worker

Gerald is a Senior Social Worker at London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.  Gerald was nominated by five different colleagues.

Loretta Reehill said:

“Gerald has brought his years of vast knowledge into the pre-birth assessment team - a brand new team. He has quickly adjusted into the role, used a strengths-based approach when working with families and always practiced in a strengths based way. He has experienced initially anxiety from families but works with them so that they are able to see the concerns that the LA has.

“Gerald always makes himself available to colleagues to assist with tasks and will not shy away from assisting with complex tasks. He also has a young family and is completing his practice educator course and supervising a student. He is an inspiration to us all.”                                                                                         

Nikki Toomey said:

“Gerald goes above and beyond for his clients. He is approachable and knowledgeable. He always responds to any emails or telephone calls. He is kind, caring and compassionate and this is evident in his interactions with service users. He always remains calm and uses non-discriminatory language with our service uses. He does not stigmatise the women I work with but remains alert to the increased risks of mental illness.”

Titilayo Idowu said:

“Gerald’s skills and professionalism always stand out when dealing with complex cases. Always a wonderful experience for me to work with Gerald to support vulnerable families within Barking and Dagenham. His supportive and caring nature always reveal when he  gives feedback  of assessment to service users as well as professionals. He always encourages service users to participate in the decision making to safeguard themselves and their families. He is non judgemental and willing to listen to service users to understand how services around them will help them to make that positive change that we all wanted to achieve. and see the evidence.”

Judian Chungong said:

“Gerald is a conscientious social worker who conducts himself professionally each time I have had an encounter with him. My contact with Gerald has been a professional relationship  focusing on case work and referrals for assessments to be completed. He provides concise information that illustrates the strengths and concerns of the family. I have opportunities speaking to him on the phone and he talks with respect and understanding of his cases. He is very prompt at responding to emails and I find him easily approachable.

“We have been involved in complex case discussions regarding families and he has always come across as diligent, showing empathy to families who are experiencing difficulties. His approach is always balanced and we always come to an agreement about what he wants to achieve. His case directions are usually clear and concise and Its always a pleasure having Gerald on the phone when he makes a referral needing our service. I just find him so amazing and it would be my pleasure that all the great work he is doing to protect children and work will families is seen and appreciated.”

Faye Freeman said:

Gerald is always approachable and contactable. He is fair and will always explain/discuss cases when required. Working within healthcare communication with CSC is key to ensure clients are safeguarded and Gerald has excellent communication skills.