Edyta Brown

Edyta is a Team Manager, Peterborough Children Social Care and was nominated by Sophie Morrans.

Edyta Brown
Edyta Brown, Team Manager

Edyta is my team manager; and I feel she deserves the Social Work Star Award. Edyta has welcomed me into her team, making me feel relaxed and valued. I am currently studying for my social work degree as an apprentice and Edyta highlights the importance of my learning, giving me the time to reflect and link my current university modules to the families I am currently working with. the supervision we have is child focused and productive, helping me to think outside of the box, in my approach with families.

Edyta is always approachable; I have seen her give the whole team her undivided attention when required, she is always there to support where she can. If Edyta doesn't know the answer, she will actively seek it from others, ensuring we are solution focused. It doesn't ever seem too much for her. For example, my current module is 'Social Diversity and Social Work', which I have struggled with understanding certain aspects of, Edyta has sign posted me to pod casts and interviews she has listened to and thought would be helpful, which they most certainly were, she has also given me the time to have open conversations reflecting on my own experiences. I am learning so much from Edyta, she is always ready to listen and unpick situations I am struggling to get my head around, she shares her knowledge, and I can see her passion in wanting to help me progress in my career as a qualified social worker.

Edyta always has the time for reflective discussions, and she is a star at keeping the team moral high, our team WhatsApp group is always a place for smiles, but she is also very good at sharing targets and issues in a fair way which supports the team with wanting to continue to do well. Edyta is supporting me with shadowing other areas of the service which I have not had experience of, also unpicking my work with me and talking me through how to progress, thinking creatively and she has given me tools which will help with this. She really is brilliant, and I feel very lucky to have her manage me, she is an inspiration to social work.