Cristina Ciucur

Cristina is a Social Worker, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and was nominated by Adina Demle.

Cristina Ciucur
Cristina Ciucur, Social Worker

Cristina joined London Borough of Barking and Dagenham in January 2019. Cristina was recruited overseas in Romania. Cristina has 20 years experience working in child protection. Moving to a different country must take so much courage. I know a part of her journey in Barking and Dagenham and adjusting to the new policies and procedures was difficult, however her perseverance and experience has enabled her to thrive. Cristina has managed to adapt very well and is using her skills to engage positively with birth families.

Cristina was recently praised by the adoption panel for engaging birth parents who lost touch with the previous social worker. Cristina’s skills of engaging and keeping the connection with birth families has enabled her to offer priceless connection between prospective adopters and birth parents, which no doubt, will benefit the children in the long term. Cristina is able to complete her tasks, she is very proactive and is excellent at engaging children and young people in direct work. I would say, this is an area of work where Cristina is thriving and is evident in the way that she is able to portray the children’s wishes and feelings. Cristina’s therapeutic nature is supporting her role beautifully. She has a natural ability for engagement with everyone, from professionals to birth families, children, prospective adopters. Her experience enables her to write excellent analysis and she is able to summaries the children’s journey in care.

Cristina’s knowledge of the Romanian Social care system has supported the local authority in several cases where Romanian authorities are involved. Cristina is able to liaise with the Romanian authorities and seek clarification in order to avoid drift and delay. She is the lead for liaison with Romania, no matter who the case workers are, IROs and social workers are relying on her expertise to support writing to Romanian authorities for the cases to progress.