Charlotte Hambleton

Charlotte is a Team Leader, Telford and Wrekin Council and was nominated by Emma Clutton

Charlotte Hambleton
Charlotte Hambleton, Team Leader

Charlotte is a dedicated and motivated senior social worker who is an excellent role model of practice and professional integrity. Her assessments and interventions are individual, holistic and person centred. You can hear the voice of the person throughout and she develops personalised SMART outcomes to enable the service user to aim and achieve.

Charlotte is empathetic and compassionate and goes above and beyond her role and responsibilities. She has been involved in achieving fantastic outcomes for her service users. No situation is too challenging no mountain to high to climb, her tenacity, perseverance and will to enable others leads her to the formation of great relationships especially with those lacking confidence in professionals or with a reticence to engage with social services.

Charlotte is a team player who supports and enthuses her line management reports and colleagues. An excellent role model for social work values and ethics. I am proud to have her a a member of my team.