Policy, Ethics & Human Rights Committee

This standing committee is an authority on ethical issues in social work and is responsible for promoting BASW UK policy at a time of significant and exciting change for the profession. The committee is responsible for commissioning and approving the Association’s UK policy and practice guidance.  In 2012 the committee approved a new Code of Ethics, a Supervision Policy and a CPD Policy. Further policies are in development. Members serve for a two year period with meetings taking place six times per year.

Committee members:

  • Fran Fuller (Chair)
  • David Jones
  • Allan Norman
  • Andrew MacDonald
  • Robert Warin
  • Richard Servian
  • Maggie Mellon
  • Martin Sexton
  • Claudia Megele


BASW policies

Alleged misuse of Section 17 funding and use of NRPF worries BASW

Increasing concern about alleged misuse of Section 17 funding and families who have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) has led BASW to call for greater funding from councils to support penniless refugee and asylum-seeking families.

19th July 2017

BASW: Requirement for women to reveal rape or coercion to gain third child tax credit or benefit an 'unethical low in welfare reform'

This month sees the introduction of a raft of benefit and tax credit changes across the UK. Although they were passed by the previous administration, they are only now being enacted. As such, these changes will take many people by surprise, including social workers and other professionals working with people who receive benefits.

13th April 2017

BASW pledges support for Reker Ahmed

BASW would like to pledge support for Reker Ahmed, a 17 year old asylum seeker who was attacked in Croydon on 31 March. We are deeply saddened by Reker’s ordeal.

6th April 2017

BASW response to revision of statutory guidance on the care of unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children

BASW response to revision of statutory guidance on the care of unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children

20th March 2017

BASW Chair would walk 100 miles to proclaim against austerity

Boot Out Austerity! Social Workers Walking For Social Justice

1st February 2017

“We need to get on with it” – New charter to improve social work with disabled people

Social workers and disabled people have jointly produced a charter to improve services for the people who use them. Starting in October 2015 with a premise of “We need to think big and be ambitious for each other”, a working group led by the national network of service users and disabled people Shaping Our Lives and BASW's Adults Policy, Practice and Education Group has now produced a charter for change.

30th November 2016

Lord Alf Dubs headlines BASW London social work with refugees event

Former child refugee Lord Alf Dubs will be the keynote speaker at a new collaborative event on social work with refugees and asylum seekers in London on Saturday.

17th November 2016

Adoption Enquiry calls for evidence - extended deadline

BASW is calling for evidence from young people who have been adopted, parents, social workers, managers, family justice professionals, policymakers and academics to underpin a year-long research study on the role of the social worker in adoption.

19th September 2016

Social work essential in preventing mental health crises say MPs

Social workers play a vital role in preventing mental health crises and should be given more scope to practice their skills, an inquiry into mental health services in England has found.

14th September 2016

BASW: Moves must be made to reassure survivors following resignation of IICSA Chair

BASW response to CSA Inquiry Chair resignation

5th August 2016

Joint statement on the Children and Social Work Bill

BASW has joined a number of other organisations to issue a joint statement on the Children and Social Work Bill which is currently before Parliament. The Bill proposes a number of reforms, including the creation of a new regulator for social work.

1st July 2016

BASW Consulation on Female Genital Mutilation

This position statement is about Female Genital Mutilation. It explores the nature of the practice, the role of social work in relation to the practice, and ethical issues that may arise when seeking to practice in a non-discriminatory way. BASW is frequently asked to explain the position of the social work profession on current issues. These position statements seek to explain positions that we express on issues that arise frequently. They comprise statements in bold and commentary in italics. The commentary seeks to reflect our Code of Ethics, the views of our members expressed through our democratic structures, and our understanding of social work internationally as a practice based profession and an academic discipline. This is a draft of the position statement which has been produced by members of PEHR. We welcome your comments which will be considered before the final version is published. If you have any contributions please can you send them to T.Chopping@basw.co.uk by Sunday 5th June 2016

25th May 2016

BASW calls for evidence on the role of the social worker in adoption

BASW is calling for evidence from young people who have been adopted, parents, social workers, managers, family justice professionals, policymakers and academics to underpin a year-long research study on the role of the social worker in adoption.

4th May 2016

BLOG: The vital role of social work at end of life

Gerry Nosowska explains the importance of social work to good end of life care.

24th March 2016

BASW Black Country hosts Assisted Dying debate

The Black Country branch of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is hosting a debate about Assisted Dying at the University of Wolverhampton on March 18th with local MP Rob Marris.

9th March 2016

Child protection: Social workers ask, ‘have parents become the enemy?’

In a unique collaboration, The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and Making Research Count (MRC) and the Faculties of the former College of Social Work are hosting US social worker David Tobis, author of From Pariahs to Partners: How Parents and Their Allies Changed New York City's Child Welfare System.

16th February 2016

BASW: Social workers should allow parents to record conversations

As family court transparency charity the Transparency Project today publishes guidance about the recording of social workers by parents where there is local authority involvement, BASW Vice Chair Maggie Mellon said social workers should allow such recording and be happy to put their practice “on the record”.

17th December 2015

BASW joins social work collective call for action to help refugees

Social workers welcome refugees to the UK – joint statement and call for action by the Association of Professors of Social Work (APSW), British Association of Social Workers (BASW), Joint University Council Social Work Education Committee (JUC SWEC) and Social Work Action Network (SWAN)

30th October 2015

BASW: Corbyn victory shows Government out of touch on privatisation

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb says the swell of support for Jeremy Corbyn as new Leader of the Labour Party shows how out of touch the Government is about the public appetite for privatisation.

14th September 2015

BASW: PCF review ‘first step in wider discussion’

BASW CEO Bridget Robb has described the publication of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) review as ‘the first step in a wider discussion of its future’. As the preferred bidder for the College of Social Work (TCSW) assets, BASW is currently in discussion regarding the transfer of ownership and hosting of the PCF once TCSW officially closes at the end of September. The PCF review was commissioned by the government before the TCSW closure announcement and was prompted by a range of changes in the professional and policy environment for social work, including the introduction of Knowledge and Skills Statements from the two Chief Social Workers.

11th September 2015

BASW: Social workers have ethical duty to support asylum seekers and refugees

BASW is calling on the British Government to receive those fleeing war, persecution, and devastation in their home countries with respect and dignity and is urging its members to sign a petition to up the number of refugees being accepted into the UK.

4th September 2015

Social workers of Europe unite in Edinburgh for unique event

The biggest event of the year in the social work calendar will take place from 6-9 September, when hundreds of social workers from all over Europe gather in Edinburgh.

25th August 2015

BASW gives social workers 2020 vision

The British Association of Social Workers is launching its newly agreed 2020 Vision for the future of the Association. In this statement of intent, BASW, the member-led professional association for social workers, sets out its aim to be the strong independent voice of social work and social workers.

26th June 2015

BASW Twitter debate on the social worker’s role in the age assessment of asylum seekers

BASW is hosting a Twitter debate on the social worker’s role in the age assessment of asylum seekers on Monday 8 June between 6pm and 8pm.

28th May 2015

BASW: Fall in adoption rates should be first step in righting a wrong

BASW’s vice chair Maggie Mellon has described a fall in adoption orders following two landmark family court judgements as an opportunity to stop and think about what is really happening in the lives of our most vulnerable children.

14th May 2015

BASW PROGAR celebrates the 10th anniversary of the lifting of donor anonymity in assisted conception

BASW's Project Group on Assisted Reproduction (PROGAR) is proudly celebrating the tenth anniversary of the lifting of donor anonymity for all sperm, egg and embryo donors whose donation is used to create a new life.

1st April 2015

BASW: Further discussion needed on new CSE measures

The Prime Minister will reveal a package of new measures to combat child sexual exploitation (CSE) at a summit bringing together leaders from local authorities, children's services, health professionals, Chief Constables and experts in child protection today in Downing Street.

5th March 2015

FGM: social workers should not take on the role of the police

As the Home Office analyses the response to a consultation on Introducing mandatory reporting for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), BASW has warned against blurring the boundaries between social work and other agencies such as the police and health.

11th February 2015

BASW joins Professionals for Information Privacy coalition

BASW, The Law Society, Bar Council and National Union of Journalists (NUJ) have come together as the Professionals for Information Privacy Coalition to express a shared concern in response to the current proposals contained in the draft code of practice for RIPA.

10th February 2015

Frontline response to BASW news release: You cannot buy experience: BASW concerns over new Frontline management scheme

Frontline response to BASW news release: You cannot buy experience: BASW concerns over new Frontline management scheme

5th February 2015

BASW marks Holocaust Memorial Day

BASW marks Holocaust Memorial Day

27th January 2015

White Flowers CSA campaign - BASW supports call for new inquiry

BASW statement on White Flowers CSA campain.

14th January 2015

Concerns remain over government attempt to define adults’ social work

A proposed skills 'checklist' for social workers in adult services risks putting unrealistic expectations on what they should know after their first year in employment, the British Association of Social Workers warned.

11th December 2014

World Social Work Day 2014: Why Martin Narey is wrong to dismiss social justice

Social Worker Ruth Stark, former SASW manager, BASW member and member of the IFSW Human Rights Commission, gives her response to Martin Narey's review of social work education.

18th March 2014

BLOG: Human Rights Day 2013 - Mandela was the ultimate social worker

As Human Rights Day is celebrated all over the world today, BASW Professional Officer Nushra Mansuri pays tribute to Nelson Mandela. She writes …

10th December 2013

Lord Justice Munby Ruling: Public need to know more about the reality of child protection but this is not the way

A landmark legal ruling allowing a father to publish a video online of social workers and police removing his child under an emergency protection order has prompted the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) to express serious concern about the judgement’s implications for social work professionals and care proceedings.

6th September 2013

SWU - Social workers share the NHS culture of bullying and fear and it must end

As the Government response to the Francis report into care failings at Mid Staffs hospitals is published, the Social Workers Union has echoed the call for whistle blowers to be protected, and said that directors of social services must take more responsibility to root out the culture of bullying and fear experienced by many social workers employed by local authorities.

26th March 2013

BASW – World Social Work day challenges us to find new ways of working together

Speaking at a celebration event in Westminster later today, BASW Interim Chief Executive Bridget Robb will tell an audience of MPs and social work professionals that money is not the answer to all of the current problems faced by local authority services and make a plea for both sides to work together.

18th March 2013

BASW: Social workers need knowledge of the law and community to tackle human slavery

BASW has endorsed a major report that lifts the lid on the lack of multi-agency understanding about how to tackle human slavery and called on social workers to “play their part” to stop this abuse.

12th March 2013

BASW – We need a sensible debate on welfare reform, not underhand attacks on benefit claimants

In a Huffington Post blog, BASW’s press officer assesses how the media is being used to promote the government’s proposals on welfare reform by demonising benefit claimants such as mum of 11 Heather Frost. Ms Frost hit the headlines after claims that she has demanded a £400,000 ‘eco mansion’ be built by Tewkesbury council.

21st February 2013

Bridget Robb - Social workers at Mid Staffs must ask why they didn't blow the whistle

Writing for the Guardian Social Care Network, BASW's acting chief executive Bridget Robb explains why the Mid Staffs NHS scandal is also a disgrace shared by the social work profession.

6th February 2013

Social workers advised to keep social life offline this Christmas

BASW is advising social workers not to blur professional boundaries during the festive season and to think about the consequences for their own privacy and safety.

13th December 2012

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